pREset Thrombectomy Device

by Phenox GmbH

Small micro ather for small sizez pREset LITE. Stable opening due to proximal closed ring and helical shaped slit. Reduced tapering during withdrwal and opptimazed radial force. Targeted delivery of medication or contrast.

The phenox pREset product line with its innovative proximal closed "ring" design and the helically shaped slit facilitates the safe and effective treatment of ischemic stroke. The closed “ring” design ensures a stable opening, reduces tapering when withdrawn and provides optimized distribution of radial force.

  • pREset 4-20 and 6-30 for large thrombus load in carotid “T” and proximal MCA occlusions
  • NEW pREset LITE 4-20 and 3-20 for treatment of distal MCA occlusions
  • Unique proximal “ring” design ensures stable opening and reduced tapering when withdrawn
  • The helical slit maintains cell shape integrity and enables optimized radial force distribution