StatSeal Family

by Biolife, LLC


StatSeal products help standardize, simplify and minimize post procedure care and maintenance of: Sheath Removals • Catheter Removals • Vascular Access Sites

StatSeal topical hemostatic products instantly create an occlusive seal over the procedural site to stop the flow of blood and exudate. StatSeal products work independently of the clotting cascade to seal the site, while accelerating hemostasis, regardless of anticoagulation levels. The product is available in both powder and disc (compressed powder) form to suit a wide variety of clinical applications.

StatSeal products are comprised of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate. As a manual pressure adjunct, the StatSeal mechanism of action is two-step and occurs simultaneously to instantly form a low pH seal or physical barrier over the site, letting nothing in or out. The hydrophilic polymer rapidly dehydrates the blood, stacking up blood solids beneath to form a seal. The potassium ferrate agglomerates the solids and proteins together, adhering the seal to the wound to stop bleeding and oozing.

All other hemostatic products decrease clotting time and do not form rapid seals. Only StatSeal products form a rapid, occlusive seal to stop bleeding and oozing. The seal continues to strengthen over time and with manual pressure.