by Asahi Intecc

The guiding catheter that can handle various sorts of difficult PCI conditions has arrived.

Enough room for your needs

The large inner diameter diminishes the worry about friction between devices especially with 6F KBT, and provides more effective contrast visualization.


Safe engagement is made possible due to the Urethane tip, the same material used for the tip of ASAHI Corsair, providing both fexibility and high visualization.

All round processed tip

Processed round tip walls result in atraumatic vessel engagement.

Hyper Shaft

ASAHI INTECC’s unique processing technologies prevent reduction of maneuverability and backup due to heat and moisture of blood during the procedure.

Reinforced 2nd curve

A reinforced 2nd curve and excellent shape retention are key factors for high backup.

ASAHI INTECC-original 3rd curve

ASAHI Hyperion’s unique 3rd curve at the proximal part of the 2nd curve, improves backup by increasing the contact area between the catheter and the aortic wall.


ASAHI INTECC’s unique braiding technology provides well-balanced shaft with reinforced supportive shaft that gradually becomes softer towards the tip.