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Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about SteriPro

How does your technology kill viruses? 

Our device operates on 254 nm wavelength, which is scientifically proven and tested that such UV-C wavelength effectively destroys and deactivates pathogens and viruses. When the microorganism is exposed to UV-C the accumulation of DNA damage happens, therefore it is deactivated

What is SteriPro device and why do we use it?

The SteriPro device by UV-C Solutions upgrades your manual cleaning process with extremely simple, automated and contactless UV-C disinfection in only 10 to 20 minutes. It disinfects surfaces and the air within the UV-C reach; SteriPros effective range is within a diameter of 12 meters.

Is SteriPro a medical device?

SteriPro is an electrical device and is mostly used in medical institutions. ISO 13485 is not needed for handling the device, or any kind of special staff training.

Is SteriPro powered by battery?

No. SteriPro is powered by its own 6 m long power cable, therefore all that is needed is to plug it in. EU and UK plugs are both included. 

What is the energy consumption of the device?

Approximately 2,3 kW per hour.

Does SteriPro uses filters?

SteriPro does not have filters, since it disinfects using UV-C rays. This way SteriPro does not produce non necessary waste, such as filters. 

What about shady places? Does it disinfect there as well?

The radiation from the device reflect from surfaces, therefore the device not only disinfects object that are in direct contact, but also reaches shaded spots. 

How often is it necessary to disinfect the rooms?

 The main advantage of SteriPro device is usage of UV-C light that enables contactless disinfection of rooms very often. It can be used regularly on a daily basis, acting as a preventive tool. This type of room disinfection is clearly more advanced as compared to aerosol type of disinfection. We can observe the trend in the market where UV-C is becoming the golden standard, meaning that the rooms will first be cleaned mechanically, followed by UV-C disinfection.

How does SteriPro device know how long to disinfect?

SteriPro device features mathematical model that calculates the power of radiation on the surface at given distance, expressed in milliwatts per square centimeter. The UV-C radiation field drops with the square of the distance from the device. The graph of radius showing effective disinfection at given time is presented to the user. User then adjusts the time based on desired radius.

How long can the device work? What is the longest cycle?

There is no limit on device usage. There is, however, a limit of 1.5h per single disinfection cycle.

What is recommended time of disinfection cycle?

Recommended time depends on the size of the space/room you wish to disinfect with one cycle. In the distance of 6 meters the recommended time would be under 20 min (10-15 min), to effectively remove all pathogens and viruses.

Why is SteriPro such a big device?

The most important reason is efficiency - the device shape and arrangement of bulbs is very important factor as well. The SteriPro device shape is optimized for best results of "360° disinfection". SteriPro device can operate both in closed or extended position; the size of it can be adjustable (1,390 mm / 1,940 mm). 

Does it also disinfect the mattress? What if a mattress has a plastic wrapper?

UV-C light disinfects the surfaces, but it can not penetrate deeply. Most mattresses in hospitals are wrapped in plastic materials. That does not pose a problem, since this kind of surface can be safely disinfected. 

Can radiation be limited? For example, to disinfect just a bed?

 This is not possible because UV-C spreads like light. If we do not want to disinfect something, we simply cover the object.

What causes the smell after disinfection?

The smell that you might detect after disinfection is the result of germicidal action on micro-organisms and other contaminants in the room. SteriPro device does not produce radiation at wavelengths at which ozone is formed. This means that the device does not produce ozone during operation. 

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