UV-C disinfection robot from UVC SOLUTIONS


perfect result. every time.

STERIPRO® is a smart and automatic UV-C disinfection robot. Easily avoid hospital associated infections with a fast full coverage surface and air disinfection.

Effective, Eco-friendly & Automatic Disinfection  

Save time and health with automatic, non-chemical cleaning.

Always perfect result in every spot and every corner with UV-C.

Manual cleaning and chemical disinfection leave less than 50% of hospital room surfaces adequately cleaned when chemical germicides are used.*

* D. J. Weber and W. A.Rutala. Understanding and Preventing Transmission of Healthcare- Associated Pathogens Due to the Contaminated Hospital Environment.  Infection control and Hospital Epidemiology. May 2013, vol. 34, no. 5.

SteriPro is designed to kill Coronavirus and 99.9999% of all pathogens on hard surfaces.

Ultraviolet light in the germicidal wavelength renders the organisms sterile. Wavelengths in the UV-C range are particularly damaging to cells because they are absorbed by proteins, RNA and DNA.

Our experience of the importance with surface and air disinfection from the cardiovascular field to improve people's health and healing process, gives us professional knowledge of disinfection as a part in the fight against the spread of infections and the goal to deliver perfect result. every time.

We give you the possibility to test SteriPro in your own environment.

We offer exclusive support and trainings for your team.

We delivere with a valuable service maintenance agreement. 



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