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It took a global pandemic to finally shine a light on the quality of our indoor air, which was in crisis well before COVID-19 and will remain so long after if left uncared for.



Clean air, looking good and professional.  

An investment that cares for the whole family.

Filters, accessories and support.

Our experience of the importance with clean air from the cardiovascular field to improve people's health and healing process, gives us professional knowledge of the air purification as a part in the fight against the spread of infections and the goal to deliver premium indoor air safety.


Hextio is your personal, portable clean air technology. The only desktop device with VIRUSKILLER™ technology

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VK 401

VK 401 is designed for dental surgeries, small commercial spaces, or your home.

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VK 103

VK 103 is best for large communal areas and open plan indoor spaces.

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VK 102

VK 102 is best for critical environments where keeping rooms clean and disinfected is essential.

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VK MEDI is best for critical environments where keeping rooms clean and decontaminated is vital.

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Clean air performance for every space.


safe indoor air. everywhere.

VIRUSKILLER™ provides real-time protection against airborne allergens, pollutants and viruses. The world leading technology in fighting dirty, toxic and sick air.







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